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Just had our system commissioned. Small solar array (2+5 panels) due to roof limitations, 2x PhonoSolar 410W Twinplus X module South facing and 5x East 7x Tigo TS4-A-O-DUO solar panel optimizers fitted.
Invertor is the Fox Hybrid 3.7kWh H1-3.7-E model
Battery storage is made of 5x ECS2900 totaling 14.5kWh of energy storage, assuming min State of Charge (SoC) set at 20% so effective capacity of 11.52kWh is what I am told

Waiting for OVO to install Ohme Home Pro 5 EV charger, had issues with getting one installed as I have 2 consumer units due to 1. length of a long bungalow building and 2. previous owner reasons, so EV charger will be ~35m from main consumer unit and for some reason this put off the "standard" installers... anyway OVO are coming out next week, then I can more to Intelligent Octopus tariff as OVO don't support hybrid Solar/battery/EV installation or so it seems.

Found this forum today, have already enjoyed the video help section and now understand how to lock out the battery from discharging to EV (a 72' Corsa Electric)
Looking forward to reading many more pages

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Nice, I love the look of the ECS cubes
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