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I’m thrilled to announce our new recommended suppliers for Fox ESS hardware for UK customers.

Many hours have gone into reviewing each supplier across multiple categories including stock, product knowledge, price, speed of delivery and customer reviews.

Thank you to all those who responded to my feedback requests and took the time to provide valuable feedback which enabled me to narrow down the list. This helped to support or eliminate which suppliers we should recommend and trust when it comes to scaling your existing investment.

I have also reached out to each of the suppliers to ensure we have a personal connection with them and to secure a group discount! They are all backed by some great people who are passionate about renewables and want to support what we do in this community. It’s been very humbling to discuss this group journey with them.

With solar generation starting the fade off and the colder months nearly with us, why not add battery capacity and take advantage of the best price, service and experience on the internet!

In no particular order, allow me to introduce:

ITS Technologies
Discount code - FOX2BDH36NV0 to save £20 off your order

Discount code - SUN2FOX for £25 off your order
Discount code - CUBE10 for £10 off ECS (cube) batteries

Battery Factory
Discount code - FOX20 to save £20 off your order

Our selected suppliers are also helping to support our forum site and related costs so we can continue to grow the community and help as many people make the switch to renewables.

Keep your eyes peeled for additional content and deals from our trusted suppliers.

Any questions, please feel free to get in touch with these fantastic companies directly and mention you’re a group member for the best price they can offer.
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