KH10.5 grid charge limitation issue

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Has anyone raised the "GridChargeCurrentLimited" issue with FoxESS UK? This feature creates soft limit to the maximum current draw as measured by the CT. The range offered on the web configuration is capped at 50A (~12kW) however this significantly throttles the KH battery charge rate when other loads are present. Charging an EV at 7kW + baseline is causing the FoxESS battery charge rate to regulate at ~4kW.

Whilst this is not a practical issue during the summer, this is going to pose huge issues during the winter months.

Will, have you experienced this? ... -21-31.png
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Are you charging the EV off the Inverter (solar/battery) itself ?, if not it’s better to keep the EV charger in front of the inverters CT so that it doesn’t see the load.

I’m not sure on the gridchargelimit - I can see why it’s a good idea for the European markets with PeakShaving etc.. (i’ll give Will a nudge)
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GridChargeCurrentLimited on a K series is the battery amps limit when you charge from grid, not a dynamic grid load limiter as you suggest so would have no impact on your ev charger. Are you sure the EV charger isn't doing it's own load limiting?
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Will, this is 100% a bug for FoxESS. What you describe is how it should function but not how it does in effect. Note the effects of the EVSE starting near 00:30. 12kW is grid volts at 50A which is the ceiling for that setting.

Dave, I need to have my CT config as is for many reasons inc solar divert.


Latest FW etc.
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