New customer, trying to get the hang of solar!

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Hi, only just had our system installed today, and no panels till tomorrow. Is it normal to have a load of -8.5kw when virtually nothing is on in the house? Will this change once the panels have been installed? Am I just nervous about something I am learning about?
Oh, if I put a load on, kettle, oven, I see no change on the inverter screen, just random low 20’s wattage.

Dave Foster
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Welcome to solar, you’re going to be busy for the next few weeks learning everything there is to learn.

If you are seeing a negative load it is wrong, probably the CT clamp is facing the wrong direction - make sure when the panels are in that you are seeing a positive load value and if there is enough solar that your battery is charging or you are exporting to the grid.

Just to say the app only takes a data sample every 5 minutes so what you are seeing could have happened up to 5 minutes ago (it’s not real time)

Any questions post here, or pop over to the Facebook usergroup there’s lots of information on both 👍
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