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Welcome to the forum, feel free to say hi and show off your installation photos and share your experience.
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A big thank you to Will for setting up the forum, should have looked before would probably saved myself some hassle!

I have a 32 Solar World panel installation from 2014, orientation 25` from South incl.20`, shading 0.95%.
Each panel is fitted with an Enphase microinverter connected to an Envoy gateway.
I have recently fitted a Fox H1- AC inverter with 4- HV2600 batteries.
EV car and Zappi 2 charger.

I have installed the inverter and batteries, probably against all the rules but trying to get a Company to do the install in a reasonable time frame I found impossible,
no real excuse!

Looking for help and guidance with setup and HA in mind.

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Pleasure meeting you yesterday Norman, very neat and tidy setup that will power your lovely home for years to come.
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Hi - I have just had installed a similar setup of Enphase microinverters and FoxEss batteries and inverter. So far it's working well but the systems don't integrate well as you'd expect and I wondered whether you're having the same problems. As per the screenshot attached my solar PV energy and my usage energy are combined in the Fox app (flowing in from the house icon in the top right).
This makes it hard to calculate how much energy my house is consuming at any point in time because it's being overridden by the inbound PV energy. Do you have a similar setup?
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I'm also bristol area and the same problem. Just so tempted to install myself but would be great to hear from someone who has done the same.
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FoxESS anybody know of an installer in the Bristol area conversant with the FoxEss system.

Many thanks

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