Change of WiFi provider

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Stummerand jones
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Hi , I'm an end user of the Foxcloud app and have changed broadband provider.y Foxcloud app has stopped giving me data . Is it easy to connect to my new WiFi network and can I do it myself. Thanks
Dave Foster
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The easiest thing is to set the ssid and password of the new router to be the same as the old router, then it would just work.

If not you can change the ssid on the datalogger, it can be a bit fiddly sometimes but if you follow this guide from step 3 and see how you get on.
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I have the similar issue, I've changed router (stayed with the same provider) and the App got disconnected.
I tried to connect WiFi SSID unsuccessfully.

I then manually renamed the wifi login and password to the old ones, hoping it will connect, but it didn't work.

Now I'm trying again connect WiFi SSID, with:
new login new password,
old login old password,
old login + new admin password,
new login + new admin password,
old login + old admin password.

Nothing seems to work. I can only get to the Step 3, and after entering either of these combinations it always says "Failed".
Does anyone knows how to fix it, and what combination it must be?
Dave Foster
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I don't whether this helps but the wifi dongle (datalogger) only has a 2.4Ghz wifi capability and newer routers that have both 2.4Ghz & 5Ghz bands name them to be the same SSID - this really confuses the dongle.

Where this happens some people have changed the SSID's so they have a 'ssidname2.4' and 'ssidname5' and they then connect the dongle to the 2.4 name which works ok.

I did it slightly differently by adding a wifi extender (like this one nearto the inverter, I disabled the 5ghz band, named the 2.4ghz SSID something like 'Foxinverter' and I connect to that - which has proven to be very reliable.
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This 2.4 vs 5GHz is a common problem for "simple" Wi-Fi enabled devices such as smart light bulbs, switches, my heat pump control panel, EDDI solar diverter the list goes on.
All routers will have the ability to turn off 5GHz, or at least rename it. To take advantage of the faster speeds and better reach of 5GHz, I prefer to disable, and then reenable it once set up complete so that "complex" Wi-Fi devices like proper computers, tablets and cell phones will just go with whatever is best.

Good luck.
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