LV5200 purple and white label compatibility

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I'm looking to expand my bank of LV5200's, my original batteries are about 18 months old, I'm
hearing the new, purple labelled batteries are not compatible with the older white labelled ones.
Does anybody have any information about this?
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Have you tried contacting Fox directly? I had a fairly quick response from them to my query I also asked in a separate thread on here but received no replies as it seems a bit light on activity. I’ve just added 2 additional lv5200 batteries to my 2 existing ones but they were all purple labels. Fox did tell me that the newer model batteries (eg LV52) are not backward compatible with the LV5200.
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I know your enquiry was a while ago, but I installed a purple label battery alongside the original white label one.
I have had a few BMS alarms 2015 & one 1051, all when the batteries were fully charged & most lasting for less than five minutes, one at 15. I raised 3 tickets to Fox, because they didn’t reply & I thought the messages hadn’t got through - it says they’ll reply within 2 days, which they don’t. Eventually I received an email asking for screenshots of the alarms on the inverter (Solis), which I sent. Then a guy rang me as soon as I’d sent the reply! & said the battery needed a software update. They sent me a set of leads (I must live too far away from their technicians to come out) but I’m still waiting for them to send the file to be downloaded & instructions on modifying the leads they sent!
So there’s the answer, looks like the label colours are compatible if the battery BMS software’s (eventually) updated.
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