Advice on arrays possible annual output

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Hi All,

New on here. December installed 10 x 430w & 3.6 kw invertor & 3 x 2.5kw batteries. All Fox ess.
What's the potential annual output. ?
I've not any idea. Thanks in advance.
Dave Foster
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That's a million dollar question, you should really have been provided with an expected annual output with your quote as it will depend on location, roof alignment, elevations surrounding houses, trees etc...

Go to and create a 'Home User' free account - it will let you pin-point your location, add solar panels at what elevation and direction and once done it will give you it's best estimate of the forecasts for that setup.
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As a reference, the annual estimate for our system (x3 ~South, x5 ~East, x6 ~West, some chimney shading on the East array, mitigated with Tigo optimisers) was 4.3MWh, and we have seen about that in use. Last summer was our first one with the panels and both July and August had quite high levels of cloudy weather, so we could potentially see a bit more in a "good" year.

Pro rata based on the number of panels would be ~3MWh for your system, but your panels are a bit higher output than ours - presumably a bit larger physically. So my best guess (licks finger, waves it around) would be ~3.3MWh. Could well be a bit higher if your panels were all unobstructed and South facing. As Dave says, the local physical conditions will have a big effect, but you also need to bear in mind the year to year variance in cloud cover at your particular location. Solcast will give you a decent estimate, but it would be worth looking through the documentation the installer will (should?!) have given you.
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Thanks for your replies. Sorted now. Many thanks again
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